General Terms and Conditions

Reyada Product Membership – Terms & Conditions

Preamble The First Party (hereinafter referred to as the "Operator") owns the use of floor in the designated building. The First party furnished the area with offices and desks to be used as (shared spaces) and to be leased to members for a temporary period(s). This floor is considered a coworking space for various professions and personal initiatives. Furthermore, it provides ways to help business groups or individuals to achieve their projects. Whereas the Second Party (hereinafter referred to as the "User") is one of those who look for such a place and has the desire to be a member of the First Party and wants to use one of these furnished offices and other services to start its activity. After the two parties come to an agreement and acknowledge their eligibility to conclude the contract, both of their wills are converged and have agreed to what follows:


The aforementioned preamble and the attached appendixes/extensions of this contract constitute as an integral part of the Membership Agreement, and shall be read as a whole and complement its requirements.


According to the provisions contained in this contract, the Operator shall provide each member with the services shown below:

  • Full access to members to their specified area, as stated in the software, at the times specified by the Operator, without any interference and/or obstacles.
  • Periodic maintenance of the coworking area is provided.
  • Providing necessary and high-quality furniture for the space by the Operator.
  • Free access and use of the shared Internet by all members in the shared area and offices.


The designated area of the member shall be used in carrying out their activities during the specified times by the Operator and the member's use of the facilities and services shall be in accordance with the space’s rules.


Working hours mean all days of the week except official/public holidays; they shall be from 8:30 a.m. to 5: 30 p.m. and the member can enjoy their membership and exercise their activities except the days that precede official/public holidays in the State of Kuwait.


Flexible memberships access time will be during working hours, and other products like conference room bookings or studio bookings shall be during working hours or as agreed between the first party and the member.


Common space includes all shared offices and other services available at the operator’s space and to which all members to use. Both the operator and the members can reserve the coworking space for activities, seminars or meetings. In case the member desires to use the coworking area to hold its activity, then he/she has to obtain prior written consent from the Operator at least three days before holding the event. Flexible or Dedicated members must comply with the Operators rules and regulations to not be present in these areas during the event unless they are participants. ARTICLE NO. 7 OPERATOR'S PRIVILEGES & RIGHT

The Operator also has the right to amend the list of services by adding or removing at any time upon prior notification delivered to the member stating such changes. The Operator can also outsource services provided by it to another subsidiary or through any third party specified by the operator.


  1. Additional Service Fee It is agreed between the two parties that this membership grants members the right to use certain areas, chairs, tables and services such as the use of meeting rooms monthly as stated in the portal. If members exceed these facilities and spaces designated in advance, the primary member shall be liable for paying the stated fees against such increase from the date of this agreement in accordance with price list announced by the Operator.
  2. Method of Payment All payable fees shall be paid by the member through the payment portal, direct payment, electronic transfer, K-net or by check. The check payment shall be delivered to the Operator in the Company's premises during official working hours. The member shall have the right to choose one of the aforementioned methods of payment. In case of the availability of any other methods of payment, members shall be notified about such method.
  3. Increase in Membership's Fee for Services The Operator shall have the right to increase membership's fee 30 days after informing members and the Operator shall inform members about such increase thirty days before the expiry date of the membership at least from the date of approving this increase. The fees of publications, photocopying, and use of meeting rooms as well as other services shall be subject to increase from time to time according to what the Operator deems suitable and consistent with the prevalent prices.


  1. The Term of the Agreement It is agreed between the two parties that the period of the Agreement shall be monthly, and the validity of the membership's period shall start from the date specified in the portal (Nexudus). Memberships shall expire when the term of this Agreement on the portal expires, or through a notification issued by the Operator stating that there were breaches and violations of the Agreement’s terms and conditions.
  2. Member's Termination of the Agreement after its Start Date There is no termination or refund request to this type of membership by the member.
  3. Operator's Termination of the Agreement after its Start Date The Operator has the right to terminate this Agreement if the primary member committed any violation of the conditions and terms set forth in this Agreement at any time and shall be held accountable for their due amounts. The Operator shall also have the right to claim its right consequent to this Agreement and in collecting its due amounts from the member despite of its termination of this Agreement.


Facility rules related to the primary member:

  1. For security and safety reasons, the Operator may, without any objection from members, control and keep under surveillance Reyada’s space regularly using cameras.
  2. The Operator may disclose information about the premises or members based on the texts of law or any legal procedures or when requested by any governmental instrumentality. The Operator shall not be liable before members for disclosing such information.
  3. The primary member shall comply with any other rules or provisions specified by the Operator which are notified through e-mail. The Operator may add to the rules and provisions by omission or amendment upon its discretion and without notifying the member. ARTICLE NO. 11 PROHIBITED ACTIONS RESTRICTED BY THE MEMBER
  4. Any action that may disturb or threaten other members and their visitor or properties.
  5. The member shall not be entitled to use available services and facilities to carry out illegal and aggressive activities.
  6. Smoking is prohibited in Reyada’s Premises.
  7. The member will not be entitled to fix any additions to the walls or install equipment such as satellite dishes or communication lines, or bring additional furniture or equipment to the area of the office unless obtaining written approval issued by the Operator (The First Party).
  8. Members should not misrepresent themselves in front of other members or others, either personally or through the Operator's website (
  9. The member shall not be entitled to copies of information and data related to other members or their visitors.
  10. The member shall not be entitled to use the name of the Operator "Reyada" in any demonstrative and illustrative means related to the premises in advertisements without obtaining prior written consent from the Operator.
  11. It is not permissible to use the area of the office in "medical tests" or any similar activities by members, which results in frequent visits by the public.
  12. The member shall not be entitled to obtain any permits or licenses from governmental instrumentalities related to the membership's premises to carry out its activity since this Agreement doesn’t entitle the membership to obtain such licenses or permits.
  13. The members can’t allow their visitors or any other persons who are not members to enter the premises without registering the information of these visitors by security staff who work in the building where the membership's premises is located in accordance with the Operator's policy in this regard.
  14. The member has to register their fingerprint in order to access a specific location
  15. The Member is responsible for any action their guest may cause within the space


  1. Limitation of Responsibility The responsibility of the Operator and its affiliates before the primary member and other members or their guests in offering and performing the agreed upon services per sue this Agreement and Operator and any of its affiliates shall not be liable for member's work or conducts and it shall not be permissible to claim any general or special compensations from it that may arise from such works.
  2. Compensation The primary member and other members shall be obliged to compensate Operator and its affiliates against any loss or damages that may arise from member's behaviors or their guests, including reasonable other expenses incurred by the Operator including attorney's fees in requesting such compensations.
  3. Pets Neither the member nor any of its additional members or guests shall have the right to bring pets to the premises unless the obtaining prior written approval from the Operator.
  4. Other members The Operator shall not be responsible for any action made by members or any dispute that may arise among their members, invitees or guests. The members shall not have the right to claim any compensation against such damages resulted from such actions.
  5. The nature of the Agreement Both parties acknowledge that the relationship that exists between them is not as the relationship between a "lessor" and "lessee" of the real estate. This Agreement shall not be taken or interpreted in any way that it grants the primary member or additional members any titles, lien, acquisition, servitude, mortgage or other relevant rights of the Operator's business or premises, nor is it allowed to obtain any commercial licenses or anything else including the premises specified by the Operator, since this Agreement is not interpreted or construed as if there is a commercial relationship between its parties.
  6. Amendments related to the Agreement The Operator "First Party" shall be entitled to make amendments to this Agreement from time to time and to notify the members of such amendments, which will be effective after one month of the date of the notification. Also, the constant use of the members of their offices shall be considered as an approval of such amendments and this clause shall not be applied to the changes of membership or increase in fees that shall be specified a special appendix/extension attached to this Agreement.
  7. Severability It is agreed by both parties that any condition contained in this Agreement can be separated or amended only after obtaining the approval of both parties and this Agreement shall be valid per sue the applicable law.


It is agreed that all notifications related to this Agreement shall be sent by e-mail and shall be valid in any working day. All notification shall be sent to the designated e-mail addresses listed in Extension #2 of this Agreement and the primary members shall accept the sole responsibility to send or receive notification on behalf of other members, unless otherwise provided for in this Agreement.


In case of any dispute, the parties to this agreement agree that the validity, construction, enforcement, and interpretation of this agreement and its articles shall be governed and controlled by the substantive laws of the State of Kuwait and its courts shall have the jurisdiction.

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